Bandage for efficient hallux valgus correction. The optimal guidance aid for the big toe. Individually adjustable correction strength, the elastic tension belt adapts to every foot shape and rolling motion, best running and wearing comfort by silicone adhesive coating. Wearable left and right.


Shipping weight 0.065 kg


Pressure point:      on the bale
Problem:               Hallux valgus
Size:                     Size 34 - 42, size 43 - 47
Medical device:    EEC Class I
Packaging Unit:    1 piece

RUCK® PRINT PROTECTION basic Halluxform bandage

SKU: 7007401
  • 1. Cover the big toe cap, with velcro / velcro to the inner side of the foot. 
    2. Guide the longer rein under the sole of the foot behind the heel in the region of the Achilles tendon and close it with Velcro on the inner side of the foot. The longer reins can be shortened at any time.