Night bandage to correct the big toe posture. The drawstring is individually adjustable and allows a correction with individual adjustment. Effectively effective on deformed big toe, bale formation and hallux valgus. Please note left or right.


Shipping weight 0.063 kg


Pressure point:    on the bale
Size:                    Size 34 - 36, left, size 34 - 36, right, size 37 - 40, left, size 37 - 40, right, size 41 - 46, left, size 41 - 46, right
Problem:              Hallux valgus
Medical device:    EEC Class I
Packaging Unit:    1 piece

RUCK® PRINT PROTECTION basic Hallux Valgus night bandage

SKU: 7005001
  • The plastic clasp is placed from the inside over the big toe. The wide leather tab must be on the outside of the bale. Then put the Velcro around the foot and pull it into the recess of the plastic clip. By tightening the Velcro in the Gegenrichtng the desired level of correction is achieved.