The effective support from heel to knee. Six different compression zones create optimized blood flow through the entire leg. Critical areas such as Achilles heel and calf muscle are particularly supported. Cramps and injuries are thus effectively prevented. Ideal for sports activities and comfortable to wear under stockings. 

Soft and moisture permeable fabric, comfortable to wear under socks. Supports muscle activity and promotes leg blood circulation.


Shipping weight 0.075 kg


Size:                     big, Gr. 43 - 47, small, Gr. 34 - 37, medium, Gr. 38 - 42
Packaging Unit:    1 pair

RUCK® PRINT PROTECTION basic compression calf sock

SKU: 7090201
  • Advantages at a glance: 
    Soft and moisture- permeable textile material 
    Comfortable to wear under socks 
    Supports muscle activity 
    Promotes leg blood circulation