Conically shaped abrasive caps, in extra-long design, for the removal of dry, cracked horny layers and for smoothing after the rough preliminary work with a planer or scalpel. Certified as a medical device. 
The extra-long abrasive caps allow a more extensive removal compared to the standard size. Further advantages: The conical shape makes them easier to push on and pull off, yet provides perfect grip on the specially shaped rubber carriers. With extended corundum grinding surface in corundum black. 
Suitable for Rubber Carrier Art. 27015.


Shipping weight 0.003 kg


grain size:             fine, coarse, medium, supergrob
Size:                     Ø 5 mm
Colour:                 corundum-black
Shape:                 conical
Medical device:    EEC Class I
Packaging Unit:    10 pieces


RUCK® grinding caps, conical, Ø 5 mm, 10 pieces

SKU: 2771501
Color: corundum-black
  • Maximum revolutions per minute: 16,000 (manufacturer) 
    Recommended revolutions per minute: 8,000 - 10,000 (recommended practice jerk) Direction of 
    rotation: left / right