With the PODOLOG® STOOL bioswing you do a lot for a healthy back while sitting. The unique pendulum principle allows movement on all sides and returns energy. With this function, you strengthen and stabilize the back muscles quite unconsciously. The backrest adjustment ensures an optimal adaptation to your body measurements and the seat depth adjustment (5 cm) for the correct seat depth. Seat and backrest tilt are also adjustable. Super-stable molded wood includes seat and backrest and ensures the attractive design. Available in walnut or with white CPL coating. 

Available in turquoise (01), slate (02), mocha (03), sand (04), white (05), bamboo (06), mint (07), baltic (08), orchid (09) and mango (10).


Shipping weight 30 kg


Colour : baltic, bamboo, mango, mint, mocha, orchid, sand, slate, turquoise, white

PODOLOG® STOOL bioswing, walnut

SKU: 1040001
  • Technical data: 
    Seat height: 48 - 61 cm 
    Seat (W / D): 41 / 42.5 cm 
    Back (B / H): 40/49 cm with lumbar support Castors: Lightweight castors 
    for hard floors 
    Aluminum base Ø: 66 cm 
    Special benefits: Bioswing Seat, seat depth adjustment of 5 cm 
    Seat angle: 8 ° 
    backrests Height adjustment: 8 cm