The mobile helper for the foot bath. Easy to maneuver on large lockable castors, the PODOLOG® POOL offers space for foot tub and accessories on two levels. Attractive design with powder-coated bent sheet metal parts in combination with shaped wood. Available in walnut or with white CPL coating. The tub with studded bottom made of sturdy plastic.


Shipping weight 17 kg


Colour  : CPL white, walnut


SKU: 1014401
  • Dimensions H / W / D: 92/43/46 cm 
    Height of the installation surface: 34 cm 
    Height top edge Foot tub: 44 cm

  • Attractive design with shaped wood elements 
    Easily maneuverable on four castors, two castors lockable 
    Two levels for foot tub and accessories 
    Suitable for paraffin 
    heaters Suitable for Sanowell-plus therm foot spa and massage bath