PODOLOG CLASSIC S standard with two standard drawers and a high drawer below.
Shipping weight 55 kg


Colour:    White


SKU: 10700
Color: white
  • Technical data: 
    Dimensions Cabinet H / W / D: 82.5 / 50.5 / 56.5 cm 
    Dimensions motor compartment without built-in drawer H / W / D: 14.8 / 41 / 42.5 cm 
    Dimensions Motor compartment with built-in small drawer H / W / D: 14.8 / 27.8 / 42.5 cm 
    inside dimensions upper drawer H / W / D: 9/37 / 37.5 cm 
    inside dimensions second drawer from above H / W / D: 10.5 / 37 / 37.5 cm 
    inside dimensions high drawer below H / W / D: 24/37 / 37.5 cm

  • All advantages at a glance: 
    Coated with a 3D thermal film that has proven itself many times in the medical field. 
    Closed cover plate with soft edge for easy cleaning Smooth- 
    running lockable plastic rollers Height-adjustable 
    , swiveling handpiece 
    holder Drawers with hollow-chamber frames, super-stable and easy-running, close to a finger tip! 
    Unique closing comfort thanks to integrated Soft-close® technology 
    Upper drawer with subdivided insert 
    2 functional pillars for easy maneuvering and as a holder for luminaire and accessories 
    Rear side with large ventilation grille and additional single socket for external devices
    Practical accessory as additional equipment: Stainless steel waste container for consumables and stainless steel instrument tray with special holder