Compact and economical top class sterilizer with mechanical air movement. Also in the interior of high quality stainless steel with linen texture. Equipped with bracket 1 for holding two large aluminum trays, on which the instruments can be arranged clearly. The set temperature (60 ° C -180 ° C) is kept constant by a precise capillary tube controller. The mechanical air movement means for the practice also a significant reduction of the operating time. It can be shortened to 60 minutes under normal load with unpacked sterile goods.


Shipping weight 17.183 kg



MELAG hot air sterilizer type 75 with 2 trays

SKU: 2603401
  • Specifications: 
    Inside W / H / D: 19.5 / 7.4 / 29.5cm 
    Outside W / H / D: 31/26 / 39.5cm 
    Voltage: 230V / 50Hz 
    Power: 650W 
    Weight: 12 kg 
    volume: 4 liters

  • All advantages at a glance: 
    Mechanical air movement for perfect heat 
    balance (required by the health authorities) Full sterilization in just 60 minutes 
    Fully automatic sterilization process 
    Optimal use of space thanks to 2 large trays (each 29 x 19 cm) 
    Filling from the front (can be installed) 
    Inside and outside Stainless steel