Impulse sealing device for sterile goods packaging with acoustic welding time signal and combined warning light. Meets the requirements of DIN 58953-7. Suitable for all standard sterilization packaging with and without gusset. 
High safety through uniform sealing pressure, independent of the operating personnel. Roller holder and cutter are integrated. No heating up time, energy saving and easy to operate.


Shipping weight 9.68 kg


Medical device:    EEC Class I

HAWO foil welder hd 260 MS-8

SKU: 26017
  • Technical data: 
    Sealing time: infinitely adjustable (electronic sealing time automatic) 
    Foil width: max. 250 mm 
    Sealing seam width: 8 mm 
    Sealing seam length: max. 250 mm Power 
    supply: 230 V / 50 Hz 
    Power: 850 VA 
    Dimensions B / T / H: 420/300/220 mm 
    Weight: 8 kg

  • All advantages at a glance: 
    automatic sealing time control 
    constant, firmly set sealing pressure (validatable) 
    no heating time 
    integrated film roll holder 
    built-in cutting device 
    acoustic welding time signal and optical indicator light 
    also suitable for hot air foil