Diamond grinders are characterized by long durability and versatile applications. They are rust-proof and particularly suitable for grinding and smoothing nail plates and cornea. State-of-the-art technology as well as diamond grits matched to the application guarantee optimum grinding performance with a long service life. 

Medium grain size: For corneal and nail smoothing.


Shipping weight 0.002 kg


grain size : medium


size  :                 Ø 1.4 mm, Ø 1.8 mm 


Medical device : EEC Class II A


Packaging unit : 2 pieces  

Busch diamond grinder medium

SKU: 2719314
  • Maximum number of revolutions per minute: 85,000 (manufacturer) 
    Recommended number of revolutions per minute: 20,000 (practice recommendation jerk) 
    Cutting direction : right / left